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Ethical hackers: why your organisation needs them

Ethical Hackers: why your organisation needs them

Over the past few decades, law enforcement agencies are hiring undercover agents to solve their toughest cases. A similar concept is now applicable in the information security world. They confide in Ethical Hackers. These certified professionals use hacking methodologies to identify security vulnerabilities and fixing them. In short: you need Ethical Hackers. Here’s why.

CEH and CEH Practical = CEH Master

Mastering Ethical Hacking Made Easy

Incidents like cybercrimes, cyber espionage, and cyber warfare are increasingly making headlines. From personal to organizational levels; cybercrime has become a common tool to accomplish malicious goals. Terrorist organizations and rogue nations are funding cybercriminals to breach security networks and compromise national security features. On the other hand, complex security requirements are throwing a challenge…
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CCISO v3 is here

EC-Council raises the bar again for information security leadership training and certification programs with the Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO) v3 program, bringing in experience and innovation to train future cybersecurity leaders. In order to meet the rising demands of the industry across the world, the program now includes sections on GDPR, an enhanced…
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CEH Master Track

Discover the CEH Master

CEH Master is the latest new certification offered by EC-Council! It is the Certified Ethical Hacker certification’s logical next step. It will allow you to go further in your ethical hacking learning process. It is the next evolution for the world-renowned Certified Ethical Hacker program for those holding this famous certification. Earning the CEH Master…
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