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Ransomware to increase in 2020; waht should you do?

Ransomware in 2020 and Beyond

Ransomware has become big business, and cybercriminals are looking to generate new revenue streams out of it. Ransomware in 2020 will continue to target victims as criminals develop creative ways to infiltrate secured IT infrastructure, seize data, and demand ransom from organizations.

Enterprise Cybersecurity for 2010

Enterprise Cybersecurity in 2020

Enterprise cybersecurity should no longer be another layer over business applications and instead must be a part of the development workflow. Cyberattacks have become more sophisticated and complex, and the organization should invest more resources to secure their infrastructure. The management is not able to find security professionals with the required credentials to match their requirements. To overcome this rising issue, many managers are considering in-house training.

Hooded Hacker Behind Laptop

The Most Popular Cybersecurity Vulnerability

Despite a year of continuous data privacy scandals, including 2018’s Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal, the world has witnessed several other misuses of personal data. A year ago, Facebook vowed to empower its users with more “control,” to protect their private data, and has promised to ban dormant apps. Apart from the aforementioned scandal, Facebook recently…
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Effective Incident Handling

Effective Incident Handling Solutions

As organizations are adopting new ways to contain the increasing volume of cybersecurity threats and attacks, incident handling has become one of the prominent solutions. It is the process of identifying, investigating, analyzing, and managing security incidents in real time. The method mitigates ongoing security incidents as well as it is capable of avoiding potential…
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